2016 Staff Awards Presented

January 13, 2017 | Awards

On January 11, 2017, at the All-College Faculty-Staff Meeting, staff awards were presented forpresident1 the first time to recognize outstanding service, dedication and commitment to the College community.

President Awards:
Elisa Hertz- Rising Leader
Jason Cutrone- Community Service and Collaboration
Elie Yoesoep- Community Service and Collaboration
Janine Harris- Individual Development
Melissa Arias- PROS

Melissa Arias

Inclusion & Diversity:
Nila Bhaumik
Ava Constantino
Rosmery Frangoulis
Bethany Lalonde
Linda Merians
Dana Nicholson
Jessica Phillips
Camila Torres
Crystal Vazquez
Xena Yehya
Elielce Yoesoep

Claire King
Samantha Wong

Patricia Payano

Respecting Other Perspectives:
Melissa Arias
Ashia Robinson

Skill Building:
Nila Bhaumik
Kednel-Gregory Jean
Luis Gutierrez
Alison Weingarten