Guttman Students Talk Leadership and Negotiating Workplaces at City College of New York

October 31, 2017 | Academics

LAS Visit

Alysha Saldana, Gina Bello, AVP Celia Lloyd, and Leonardo Brooks.

On a balmy fall day, students in the Liberal Arts and Sciences major Internship elective met in the Provost’s Conference room at The City College of New York with Celia Lloyd, Assistant Vice President for Academic Momentum and Student Success. AVP Lloyd spoke to students about building the ladder of success through strategic choices and leveraging opportunities that arise as one finds a career path.

Integral to negotiating work spaces is taking ownership of one’s professional brand. Students were asked to think about their own professional brand, what it could look like based on their core values, and areas that they could strengthen as they begin to build a professional career. “Our university system is ripe with experiential opportunities for all our students where they can gain access to other campuses and meet talented senior leaders doing terrific work on their campuses. If we see our campuses as connected we are able to provide new experiences to students with minimal added cost,” stated Dr. Nicola Blake, the course instructor.

Aysha Saldana, a sophomore at Guttman who plans to attend City College in Fall 2018 in its Physician Assistant program, was delighted to spend the morning on the campus getting to know more about the college and sharing stories with AVP Lloyd about her academic journey. Gina Bello, also a sophomore at Guttman, shared stories about her work with the daycare she is interning in this semester, having already completed 88 hours of the required 150 internship hours.  Leonardo Brooks intends to go to John Jay in Fall 2018 and has an interest in joining the New York Police Department. AVP Lloyd spoke to Gina Bello about her choice to commit to 150 internship hours in lieu of a course where she could earn the 3 credits with less external time commitment. Gina spoke passionately about building a profession as a child psychologist. She stated, “I wanted to use my internship elective to explore my passions, and also gain more experiences working with children.” AVP Lloyd stated that “the internship experiences provide a concrete way for students to build, grow, and sustain their professional network; it also provides ways for students to find mentors in their fields of interest.” Students left the discussion with a stronger toolkit, and a better understanding of how one successful administrator navigated the experiences in her own life to achieve her goals.