Meet Guttman’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian for the Class of 2018

May 16, 2018 | Academics, Commencement

Guttman Community College is proud to announce its Valedictorian, Manny Haike, and Salutatorian, Tatiana Paulino, for the 2018 graduating class. Both students embody perseverance, dedication, and a strong desire to succeed and both will continue their studies in the fall.

Manny Haike, 2018 Valedictorian

Manny Haike with Scott E. Evenbeck, President


Valedictorian Menahem (Manny) Haike was born in New York, grew up in Israel, and came back to New York. He chose to attend Guttman Community College because he knew it would provide him with a more personal, differential learning experience–which he felt necessary coming from another country. He is a Liberal Arts & Sciences major. Manny has served as a Studio Peer Mentor during his second year. He is happy he chose Guttman for expanding his horizons, for greatly improving his writing in English, and for giving him license to experiment with different forms of writing to convey a message. Manny is most proud of his presentation at the CUNY Graduate Center, in the beginning of his second year, where he presented his ideas on the Crisis of Humor in the United States. Manny is planning to take a break from his studies while learning a new language and finding the best school for him–in the U.S or abroad.



Tatiana Paulino, 2018 Salutatorian

Tatiana Paulino with Scott E. Evenbeck, President

Salutatorian Tatiana Paulino likes to think her life has come almost full circle with her graduation from Guttman Community College.  Born in Liverpool, England, after her parents were forced to flee from Chile with the onset of the Pinochet regime, she knows what it is like to be a political refugee.  Her mother earned a Ph.D. while they were in exile.  Tatiana and her family returned to Chile eventually but faced many hardships there.  When she was 16, Tatiana followed her older sister to Los Angeles and lived there for five years.  Tatiana came to New York City, worked, married, became a legal resident, and had two boys.  She became a citizen in time to vote for President Obama, and at 35 years of age came to Guttman.  An Urban Studies major, Tatiana was transformed by the Global Guttman trip to Ecuador in July 2017.  She will major in environmental studies at Hunter College, beginning in January 2019, after she recuperates from having her third child this coming August.