Guttman Professors and Students Present at EDxED 2018 NYC Conference

June 11, 2018 | Academics, Research

Guttman attendees of the EdxEd 2018 NYC Conference

Attending the EDxEd 2018 NYC conference (L to R): Thomas Jones, Diana Zechowski, Prof. Tracy Daraviras, Sheuly Begum, Prof. Rodrigo Lobo, Prof. Marla Sole, and Angie Cordoba.

Guttman Community College Professors Marla A. Sole, Tracy Daraviras, and Rodrigo Lobo along with Diana Zechowski, Career Strategist, and students Thomas Jones, Sheuly Begum and Angie Cordoba gave a presentation on June 7 at the EDxED 2018 NYC Professional Learning Conference, for Educators by Educators. The talk, entitled Setting Students Up to Succeed: How Collaborative Teaching and an Integrated Curriculum Fosters Engagement and Learning, focused on how faculty create an innovative, integrated curriculum and how this approach, along with student success advocates, increases student engagement and success.  They also discussed how students use different disciplines to examine a single issue in-depth from multiple perspectives to encourage a deeper level of understanding.