Institutional Goals

1. The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will improve student learning, retention and graduation rates by implementing and refining a new educational model to serve our students.

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To this end we will:

1.1 Continue to develop and refine a model of community college education that successfully integrates developmental and credit bearing coursework;

1.2 Create and coordinate pre college and immersion programs with the Guttman first year model;

1.3 Continue to develop effective academic support for all students;

1.4 Continue to develop advising and student support practices that are proactive, guided by inquiry and supported by research;

1.5 Continue to develop our peer mentor program to be a model for CUNY and nationally;

1.6 Continue to develop our use of ePortfolio and other innovative uses of academic technology in classroom instruction and institutional contexts;

1.7 Introduce additional programs of study as the college grows, compatible with our mission, student interests, and current soci etal and employment trends and p rovide students in these Majors with clearly defined pathways to degree completion, further education and entry to careers;

1.8 Promote connections between college and the workplace by engaging partners from New York City business, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies; arranging experiential learning opportunities; and making use of the city as an extension of the classroom;

1.9 Use ongoing assessment to inform decisions about student learning and professional development and to improve institutional practice.

2. The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will provide students with opportunities to achieve academically, grow socially, and contribute to the college and the community.

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To this end we will:

2.1 Maintain student learning as the primary driver for all decisions made throughout the institution;

2.2 Increase our capacity to serve all our students, including those with special needs and difficult life circumstances;

2.3 Support our commitment to high expectations for students’ academic and personal growth;

2.4 Equip students to use technology in their careers and throughout their lives;

2.1 Maintain student learning as the primary driver for all decisions made throughout the institution;

2.5 Provide multiple opportunities for students to develop mentoring relationships with faculty and staff throughout the course of the year;

2.6 Continue to build on current extracurricular activities (clubs and activities that represent a diverse array of topics and interests), so students have more opportunities to become involved;

2.7 Engage students in planning and conducting professional development and assessment activities;

2.8 Spotlight student successes;

2.9 Include parents when appropriate as external stakeholders during admissions and following matriculation.

3. The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will be an exemplary environment in which to work, one that affords faculty, administration and staff ample opportunities to grow, to learn and to practice their profession at the highest standards.

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To this end we will:

3.1 Provide resources, including administrative and instructional technology, and sufficient staffing to both grow and sustain the college;

3.2 Continue to develop the structure and staff the college to meet the needs of an evolving organization;

3.3 Manage existing space, identify and lease new space, and with the Central Office and in consultation with the college community, plan a permanent home for Guttman Community College;

3.4 Raise outside funds and secure grants to supplement our existing resources;

3.5 Recruit and retain a diverse faculty and staff committed to the mission of the college and support and recognize their teaching, scholarship and professional accomplishments;

3.6 Develop a mentoring plan for new faculty onboarding;

3.7 Plan professional development activities over time on a schedule and calendar that allows for sustained attention to critical issues;

3.8 Create phased-in implementation and assessment plans across operating units to facilitate a proactive culture;

3.9 Create processes to preserve personal relationships possible at small scale as we grow larger and preserve the highly collaborative structure of our current instructional teams and assessment days.

4. The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College will be a model learning organization by effectively communicating its mission and philosophy, being transparent in its operations, and sharing its knowledge widely with both internal and external stakeholders.

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To this end we will:

4.1 Incorporate the Guttman logo and rebrand into internal and external documents and marketing initiatives, including the GCC Website;

4.2 Create a knowledge- sharing system college-wide (including best practices in teaching; availability of resources for students, faculty, staff; instructional team decisions);

4.3 Clarify roles, purposes, and decision-making processes and outcomes.

By pursuing these goals, Guttman Community College will make a tangible and enduring contribution to New York City by:

  • achieving a three-year graduation rate of 35%;
  • increasing degree attainment among those least likely to persist in higher education;
  • enabling graduates to become active participants in New York City’s workforce; and
  • serving as a laboratory for research-based innovation in community college education.