Scott E. Evenbeck - President

José Luis Morín - Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Larian Angelo - Vice President for Administration and Finance

Daniel Ambrose - Associate Director of Mentoring and Student Success

Christopher Aviles - Executive Assistant to the Provost and Academic Affairs Coordinator

Diana Babb - Enrollment Coordinator

Nan Bauer-Maglin - Documentarian

Nicola Blake - Assistant Professor, English

Allyson Blair Bregman - Project Associate

Joseph Capobianco - Registrar Director

Stuart Cochran - Dean of Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

Jason Cutrone - Technical Support Analyst

Tracy Daraviras - Assistant Professor, English

Ramon De Los Santos - Student Success Advocate

Johannes Familton - Instructor, Mathematics

Karla Smith Fuller - Assistant Professor, Biology

Laura Gambino - Professor, Assessment and Information Technology

Ariana Gonzales-Stokas - Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Jan Green - Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Verlene Herrington - Chief Librarian and Director of Academic Technology

Rebecca Hoda-Kearse - Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Success

Terry Lynn Houston - Project Coordinator/Office Manager

Arlene Isaacson - Business Officer

LaToya Jackson - Executive Assistant to the President

Cydney Johnson - Assistant Professor, Librarian

Claire King - Assistant Professor, Experiential Education

Robert Klein - Director of Information Technology

Dave Kopel - Network Engineer

Jennifer Lee - Director of College Admissions and Access

Jorge Matos - Librarian

Nate Mickelson - Instructor, English

Joyce Molinari - College Assistant

Randy Moore - Student Success Advocate

Andrea Morrell - Assistant Professor of Urban Studies

Bonnie D. Oglensky - Associate Professor, Social Sciences, York College

Sara Oommen - Director of Human Resources

Rochel Pinder-Cuffie - Acting Director for the Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement

Camille Rodríguez - Documentarian

Estela Rojas - Professor, Mathematics, new York City College of Technology

Angie Sadhu - Program Assistant

Nicole Saint-Louis - Assistant Professor of Human Services

Jeanne Schlosser - Bursar Specialist

Vera Senese - Director of Financial Aid and Student Financial Support

Naveen Seth - Associate Professor, Business

Sophea So - Enrollment Specialist, Office of College Admissions and Access

John Stroud - Chief Information Officer

Jovanny Suriel - Student Success Advocate

Alia R. Tyner-Mullings - Assistant Professor, Sociology

Lori Ungemah - Assistant Professor, English

Racquel Valencia - Enrollment Coordinator

Gia Vargas - Systems Engineer

Rebecca Walker - Associate Professor, Mathematics

Sandy Weinbaum - Documentarian

50 West 40th St NYC
(646) 313-8000