These two courses will develop your skills in critical thinking, reading and writing and build on the research techniques you develop in City Seminar I and II.

Composition I, which you’ll take in the Spring I semester of your first year, will give you a thorough introduction to the academic writing process. You will:

  • practice generating ideas, developing a thesis, supporting a thesis with evidence, and revising and editing
  • learn basic research techniques using the CUNY library system
  • practice critical reading strategies – since good writing starts with good reading

Composition I is linked to City Seminar II, and the reading and writing assignments will tie into the City Seminar topic.

Composition II, which you’ll take in your second year, will emphasize writing an academic research paper. You will become proficient at using the library to locate research materials as you learn to analyze and evaluate outside sources and integrate the ideas of others into your own writing. Course readings will come from a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, memoirs, journalism, and academic essays. Composition II will be linked with a course in another subject, depending on your major, and readings will relate to the theme of that other class.