Summer Bridge Program

Program Coordinators

Danielle Insalaco-Egan
Assistant Dean of Student Support
Tel: (646) 313-8067
Location: 207-H

Tashana S. Samuel
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Tel: (646) 313-8885
Location: 610-C

Guttman Summer Bridge logo

Guttman’s Summer Bridge program is designed to prepare you for your transition to college. Whether you’ve just finished high school or earned your GED or are returning to school after some time off, the program will help you hit the ground running in the fall. Whatever your circumstances, your enrollment at Guttman Community College represents a new beginning. We are here to support you in the transition.

In order to ensure that all new students are prepared for success, we have made completing the Summer Bridge program an enrollment requirement. This means that you will not be permitted to take classes in the fall if you do not successfully complete all program activities.

Summer Bridge provides an introduction to Guttman’s high academic expectations and the strategies and study skills that will help you meet them. You will explore your strengths and challenges as a learner during the program and begin to set goals and make plans for your future education and career. It will be a time of self-discovery and commitment to excellence as you prepare to fulfill your potential in the years ahead.

Since you will take classes with the same students you’ll work with in the fall, you’ll make new friends and develop a support network. You’ll also meet your fall semester faculty and advisers, as well as members of the college’s diverse and dedicated professional staff. Overall, the program will be a time for you to join the Guttman community and begin to contribute to our culture of mutual support and achievement.

Summer Bridge program activities include:

  • an introduction to college-level reading, writing, and mathematics
  • a group research project and presentation focused on New York City neighborhoods
  • the creation of an electronic portfolio where you’ll showcase and reflect on your work throughout your Guttman career
  • multiple field experiences that explore New York City as our extended classroom

2018 Summer Bridge Calendar