Business Administration

Associate in Arts (A.A.)

Business is one of the most popular college majors, and around the country, students are interested in pursuing business-related careers.

At Guttman Community College, you can major in business administration in New York City, a major global business center. You will graduate ready to apply for jobs in business or to competitive bachelor’s degree programs in business at CUNY and elsewhere.

To succeed in business, you need to think creatively just as much as you need to know about marketing, finance and accounting. Our program combines the study of liberal arts and sciences with exposure to basic business disciplines and issues. As you build your critical thinking, writing, speaking, problem-solving and technological skills, you will also learn the  basic analytical tools of business and  practice using them.


The Business Administration program develops intellectually-curious students and prepares them for transfer to baccalaureate programs in Business and/or employment in entry-level administrative and managerial positions in public or private enterprise.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Business Administration program, students will be able to:

  • Research, critique and generate ideas using the principles and techniques of business;
  • Explain how social, cultural, technological and regulatory forces affect a business organization;
  • Recognize and classify diverse perspectives and demonstrate critical thinking when evaluating business environments;
  • Identify and deconstruct challenges and opportunities facing businesses in the dynamic and diverse environment of New York City working individually and on teams; and,
  • Design practical, sustainable, efficient and ethically-responsible solutions to address business challenges.