Career Directions

An associate degree in information technology from Guttman Community College will put you on a path to earning an excellent living.

You’ll likely start out as a computer support specialist. You may work for a financial institution, an insurance company, a government agency, a school, a museum or any number of organizations. Every workplace needs computer and network support, and your position will be critical to the operation of your organization.

Computer support specialists contribute to selecting and installing the hardware and software products an organization needs. You might find yourself designing Web pages, overseeing the email system or maintaining equipment. Advancement is usually based on job performance, but additional education and professional certification also play a role.

As you advance in your career, your potential job titles might include:

  • computer technician
  • desktop support technician
  • help desk supervisor
  • network administrator

Employment prospects for computer support specialists are very favorable in New York City and nationally.