As an information technology major, you will take courses covering the core areas of hardware, software, communications and databases. You’ll get the hands-on experience you need to be competitive in entry-level jobs in the various industries and organizations that depend on computer technology. You’ll use the latest tools to maintain and troubleshoot hardware components and develop your own applications for traditional computers, multimedia devices and the Web.

Problem-solving skills will be the key to your professional success, so we’ve designed a curriculum that will build your communication capabilities alongside your technical knowledge.

Here are the courses you’ll need to get the 60 credits required for graduation:

The number of electives you take will depend on your math skills when you enter Guttman Community College. If you need help with college algebra, you’ll take College Algebra & Trigonometry followed by one three-credit elective. If you’re already proficient in algebra, you’ll choose two three-credit electives. Either way, you’ll take one one-credit elective as an internship or project.