At Guttman, students work closely with an advisor starting in the Summer Bridge Program straight through to graduation. Advisors serve as academic and career success coaches.

In the first year, students have a Student Success Advocate (SSA), who helps them make a smooth transition to college life. During Summer Bridge and throughout the first year, students meet with their SSAs weekly in an advising seminar called Learning about Being a Successful Student (LaBSS).

After the first year, continuing students work with a Career Strategist, who guides them as they progress toward completing their major and their degree, and transitioning into a baccalaureate program and/or career. Career Strategists also host major-related activities, workshops, and networking events, and provide college transfer support to students.

Ultimately, students are responsible for their success, but the advisors will help them build and use the strengths, tools, skills, and strategies to stay on track. Each House has its own SSA as part of the Instructional Teams, located on the 6th floor. The Career Strategists are located in the Mezzanine.

The Advising Team

Nelson Castro Student Success Advocate 646-313-8884
Rosemarie Chan Academic Advisor/Career Strategist: Urban Studies 646-313-8071
Laura Fritz Student Success Advocate 646-313-8873
Janine Harris Career Strategist: Information Technology & Liberal Arts 646-313-8814
207- I
Danielle Insalaco-Egan Director of Student Support & Academic Achievement 646-313-8067
Marlene Leo Student Success Advocate 646-313-8140
Frantz Louis Associate Director of Student Support & Academic Achievement 646-313-8196
Allison Milana Career Strategist: Liberal Arts & Human Services 646-313-8174
Amallia Orman Student Success Advocate 646-313-8859
Cindy Perez Academic Advisor 646-313-8118
Stephanie Pinho Student Success Advocate 646-313-8109
Victoria Romero Student Success Advocate 646-313-8843