Moving on to Senior Colleges

With an associate’s degree in business administration from Guttman Community College, you will have the courses and the skills necessary to transfer to a bachelor’s degree business program.

Many of CUNY’s four-year business programs are highly competitive and often require students to have completed specific courses in advance. At Guttman Community College, we provide a clear, structured path to prepare you not only for admission to such a program, but success once you enter it.

In particular, we have an agreement with the finance and business management department at Brooklyn College and the School for Business at Metropolitan College of New York to ensure you could make a smooth transition into the BBA program in Business Administration program there.

A good performance in your coursework at Guttman will enable you to begin taking business courses in the upper division of your transfer school. You will graduate from Guttman prepared to  earn a bachelor’s degree in a business field in a timely manner.

When you graduate with your associate’s degree in Business Administration fromGuttman Community College, your job opportunities may include:

  • an office manager
  • a bookkeeper
  • an accounting clerk
  • an auditing clerk

If you continue into a baccalaureate program, you will have several  choice of majors, such as Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance, Information Systems and Economics. A bachelor’s degree will provide you with more professional options with the potential for  higher pay and more complex responsibilities. You may go on to be:

  • an accountant
  • an auditor
  • a budget analyst
  • a marketing manager
  • a business strategy consultant

The job market for accountants and auditors is strong. Employment is expected to grow nationally as well as in New York City. The New York State Bureau of Labor Market Information forecasts that business and finance will be among the fastest growing industries in the years ahead.