Career Directions

With an associate’s degree in urban studies from Guttman Community College, you may find opportunities in city agencies and arts and cultural organizations.

However, you’ll be far more competitive in the job market if you go on to get a bachelor’s or more advanced degree.

With a bachelor’s degree in urban studies, you’ll find career opportunities in the public and private sectors in:

  • urban planning
  • sociology
  • social work
  • public administration
  • government

You can apply your skills to jobs involving transit, disaster preparation, zoning, recreational facilities, social services, education, city governance, hospital administration and community organization. Each of these areas has its own range of employers, job titles and salaries, and almost all of them have substantial growth potential.

A background in urban studies is also a good foundation for a career in business, law or regional and urban planning.

New York City anticipates an increased need for professionals in planning, managing and operating public services.