Pathways Common Core Requirements

CUNY Pathways Required Common CoreGuttman Pathways Required Common Core
12 credits/ 4 courses12 credits/ 4 courses
English Composition (2 courses)ENGL 103 CompositionI; ENGL 203 Composition II
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning (1 course)Math 103 Statistics
Life and Physical Sciences (1 course)Biology 122 Introduction to Biology: Life in New York City*
CUNY Pathways Flexible Common CoreGuttman Pathways Flexible Common Core
18 credits/6 courses18 credits/ 6 courses
World Cultures and Global Issues (1 course)LASC 101 City Seminar I
U.S. Experience in Its Diversity (1 course)LASC 102 City Seminar II
Creative Expression (1 course)LASC 200 Arts in New York City
Individual and Society (1 course)SOSC 111 Ethnographies of Work I
Scientific World (1 course)CHEM 110 Introduction to Chemistry or SOCI 231 Introduction to Urban Community Health**
One additional course from one of the above areas.SOSC 113 Ethnographies of Work II

*Some majors, such as Human Services, require a different Pathways approved “STEM variant” course to satisfy the Life and Physical Sciences required core course.  The STEM variant course, BIOL 212 Human Biology, is offered in 4 credits

**SOCI 231 fulfills the Pathways Flexible Core requirement in Scientific World, effective fall 2014 semester.

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