Campus Visits

At Guttman Community College, we welcome Campus Visits from high schools and community-based organizations.  Campus Visits are designed to allow counselors and their students to visit Guttman Community College and learn more about what makes Guttman unique and about the resources available.  To register and view a list of all available Campus Visits, please click on the link below. To register for a campus visit you will need to create and log in to the Counselor Corner via your GrizzlyPath. If you do not already have a username, please send an email to for instructions and a username. Only high school or CBO counselors and community organizations are able to register for a Campus Visit. All campus visits must have a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 25 students.

If you have seniors whom are interested in attending Guttman, please encourage them to sign up for a group information session as it is a required step in the admissions process.

Fall Campus Visit Calendar: We are no longer accepting registration for fall campus visits.

Spring Campus Visit Calendar: The Spring Campus Visit Calendar will be updated and accepting registration by February 19th, 2018. Spring campus visits will begin on March 5th– June 8th.

Please note: Visits during the fall semester (September – December) are limited to high school seniors only. All other grades are welcome to visit during the spring semester beginning in March.