SAP Appeal Process

  1. Complete the Financial Aid SAP Appeal form
    Fall 2018 SAP Appeal Form
  • As part of the SAP Appeal form, prepare a detailed written Personal Statement (typed or printed legibly in 250 words or less), explaining the extenuating circumstances and;
    how you propose to resolve the deficiency that contributed to your unsatisfactory academic progress; and
  • Attach copies of as many of the following types of documentation to support your appeal:
    • Evidence (physician’s statement) of personal illness involving hospitalization or extended confinement;
    • Evidence of death (copy of death certificate required) of an immediate family member (mother, father, child, sibling, grandparent) or illness of an immediate family member of which you were the primary caretaker (include a statement from a physician, social worker, etc. indicating your care-taking role) requiring your absence from classes for an extended period of time;
    • Evidence (statement from a licensed physician, psychologist, social worker, etc.) of an emotionally disabling condition that prevented you from attending classes;
    • Evidence (deployment orders) of military duty; involvement with agencies or government; incarceration; or similar reasons that prevented you from attending classes (official documents);
    • Evidence (official documentation) of any other extenuating circumstances.
  1. Meet with your Student Success Advocate (SSA) or Career Strategist (CS) to develop an individualized Academic Plan. Be certain to bring the SAP Appeal form with you to this appointment.
  2. Attach copies of your supporting documentation and the approved Academic Plan developed and signed by your SSA or CS to the SAP Appeal form.
  3. Submit the above packet to the HUB (3rd floor) prior by the deadline date listed on the SAP Appeal form.
  4. Any late or incomplete appeals will not be accepted and will be returned to the student.
  5. Once the SAP Appeal Committee meets, students will be notified within 5 business days (via email) of their decision. All decisions are final.

NOTE: The SAP Appeal Form and Academic Plan should be two separate documents.