Effective with the Fall 2014 semester, tuition and fee rates are as follows:





12 or more credits/contact hours

Residents of New York City



A Matriculated Student

$2,250.00 per term

$195.00 per credit

A Non-Matriculated Student $250.00 per credit $250.00 per credit

Non-Residents of New York City



A Resident of New York State with Certificate of Residency on File

$2,250 per term

$195.00 per credit

A Resident of New York State without Certificate of Residency on File

$300.00 per credit

$300.00 per credit

Out-of-State Residents

$300.00 per credit

$300.00 per credit

Non-Matriculated Students $395.00 per credit $395.00 per credit


During your time at Guttman Community College, you will be required to pay certain student fees. Take a look at the breakdown below to see which apply to you and avoid being charged unnecessarily.

Application fee: $65
This is CUNY’s one-time, non-refundable fee required for your application as a first-year student with Guttman Community College.

Consolidated services fee: $15 per Semester
This fee, charged every semester, covers the external processing of financial aid applications, the immunization program, the job location/development program, system wide tuition and fee collections, and the administration of various tests such as the skills assessment tests.

Student activity fee: $55 per semester for full-time students; $20 for part-time students
This fee covers the student government and other student activities. It is nonrefundable unless you withdraw from the college before the first day of the semester. If the college cancels a course that causes you to fall below full time, you would be entitled a refund of the difference between the fees for full- and part-time students. Claims for refunds must be made in the same semester.

University Student Senate fee: $1.45
The University Student Government fee is separate from the college student government fee. It helps cover the operation of CUNY’s University Student Senate.

Technology fee: $100 per semester for full-time students; $50 for part-time students
Each semester, you will be charged a $100 technology fee if you are enrolled full time and $50 if you are enrolled part time. While the technology fee is generally nonrefundable, a partial refund is available in special circumstances, such as the college canceling a course and your becoming a part-time student as a result. It is also refundable if you withdraw from the college before the first day of the semester. You must file a claim for a refund during the same semester. If you register as a part-time student but later become full time, you must pay the difference in the fee. If you drop or withdraw from a course after the first day of classes and thus become a part-time student, you are not entitled to a refund.

Material fees: $35
You might be charged for materials in courses where you will own the end product of the work made with them. These fees must be approved every two years by the CUNY Board of Trustees, or if the fee changes, whichever happens first. The college course catalogue must clearly state the nature and amount of a charge associated with a given course.

Returned check processing fee: $15
If you bounce a check, you will be charged $15, plus any penalty that the bank imposes on the college. If a check is returned because of a bank error and the bank acknowledges the mistake in writing, the fee will be waived.

Late payment fee: $15
If you are late paying your tuition or any other fees, you will be charged $15 for each missed due date. If you are doing a pre-payment plan with an outside provider (Sallie Mae), the provider will charge you a late fee for each missed payment. If you fail to pay Sallie Mae but pay the college directly, you will still be charged the late payment fee.

Make-up final exam fee: $25; $5 thereafter
If you miss a final exam, you will be charged $25 to take a make-up test. Each additional make-up final exam you need to take that semester will cost $5.

Duplicate document processing charges

  • Diploma: $15 for each duplicate diploma or certificate in place of a duplicate diploma
  • I.D. /library card replacement: $5; does not include the CUNY Card
  • CUNY Card replacement: $10. This fee is higher than the usual lost card fee because the CUNY Card has many multifunctional features requiring replacement as quickly as possible by the college so that you do not lose any services.
  • Bursar receipt/bill or other college record: $5. This fee covers the administrative costs for issuing a duplicate bursar's receipt/bill, class confirmation or other college record. When you request copies of your records under the Federal Privacy Act, you will be charged 25 cents per page for each uncertified copy.

Transcript fee: $7; no charge if transcript is being sent to another CUNY college
Each time you request that we provide a copy of your transcript, you will be charged $7, unless we are supplying your transcript to other CUNY colleges and affiliated units (Mount Sinai School of Medicine, CUNY Medical School, City University School of Law at Queens College), in which case the service is free.

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