Carroll and Milton Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund

Thanks to the generosity of the Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, Guttman Community College is able to provide financial support to students who are facing urgent financial emergencies that threaten their attendance and success in college.  Repayment is not expected.

For additional information about the Fund, students should consult with Financial Aid, Office of Student Engagement, or Single Stop and review the information pamphlet available at these locations.

There are two categories of grant awards:

Tier 1:  Up to $65.00 in the form of a NYC metro card or a gift card to allow the student to pay for a specific expense approved by the Committee.

Tier 2:  For funding that requires an award amounting to more than $65.00 or for a continuing award.

Currently enrolled students are eligible to apply.  If a student is on academic probation, he/she may still be considered eligible to receive a grant, but he/she must address how receiving the award will help him/her return to good academic standing.  The only students who are ineligible for grant awards are those who have falsified prior applications for support or who have been found guilty on Guttman disciplinary charges.

Students should be aware that grants from the Petrie Student Emergency Grant Fund will be counted against the ‘unmet’ need of their financial aid package.

Funds will be awarded to help support the following types of financial challenges:

  • Transportation expenses to and from school, field placement, or internship locations
  • Funds to purchase required textbooks or required online classroom resources
  • Funds for food (beyond what the College pantry can provide)
  • Temporary dental/medical/mental health testing or bill payment (if a student does not have insurance)
  • Homelessness due to temporary loss of housing
  • Vision care and eyeglass expenses (if a student does not have insurance)
  • Childcare expenses (on a temporary basis)
  • Replacement of school-related possessions due to fire or theft
  • Payment for legal or other expenses due to being a victim of domestic or sexual violence
  • Student is in rent arrears or has received an eviction notice
  • Student is an expectant parent (basic necessities for child or self on a temporary basis)
  • Clothing expenses necessary for school, internship, or employment opportunities (beyond what the student can find in Guttman’s PREP for Success clothing closet)
  • Expenses related to a death in the student’s family

Funds will not be given for:

  • Full or partial tuition payments
  • Repayment of previous debts to the College
  • Legal representation for a criminal or Guttman disciplinary proceeding

Students must apply for the award by completing the Application Form and Application Agreement.