There are many opportunities for you to develop leadership skills at Guttman Community College. Leadership programming at Guttman is intentionally designed to engage you in learning experiences while supporting the College’s educational model. Your engagement with campus life and leadership contributes to the academic, social and cultural environment of the College. Additionally, Guttman leadership programming supports your preparation for professional and community responsibilities.

Call (646) 313-8121 or visit room 024 to learn more about student leadership at Guttman.

Student Government Association (SGA)

As official representatives of the Guttman student body, the SGA provides guidance to the administration, faculty, and staff on all student related matters. The SGA also disburses student activity fees, coordinates extracurricular activities, and charters student clubs and other student organizations.. The SGA includes four student officers and four senators elected by their peers in April of each year. Leadership competencies for SGA members include, but are not limited to: civic engagement, work life balance, critical engagement and applied ethics.

Committee Service

The student body is an important stakeholder in the Guttman campus community. As such, students are invited to join college committees to serve in advisory roles to influence important decisions that are made at the College. Some of the committees that you can participate in are: search committees, graduation committee, yearbook committee, disciplinary committee, and Community Days committee. Leadership competencies for committee members include, but are not limited to: critical engagement, applied ethics, civic engagement and self awareness.

Conferences and Workshops

Guttman students can participate in the many conferences and workshops sponsored by the City University of New York. Conferences and workshops are valuable non-formal learning opportunities and excellent venues for networking. The following conferences are held annually and have been well attended by Guttman student representatives: CUNY Emerging Leaders Conference; CUNY Leadership Challenge; NYS Association of Black & Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus Conference and the Somos El Futuro Conference. Also, the talented faculty, staff and students at Guttman host numerous workshops on campus each term. The vast range of topical areas ensures that there is something of interest for all participants. Leadership competencies for conference participants include, but are not limited to: professional excellence, critical engagement, identity development and contextual literacy.

Civic Scholars

If you want to play an active role supporting the College and the city communities through service, you can become a civic scholar. As an important component of leadership, you will have the opportunity to engage in out-of-classroom community service to make a difference in the lives of fellow New Yorkers. You can contribute to improving life in New York City while learning about civic issues as a Civic Scholar. Leadership competencies for Civic Scholars members include, but are not limited to: civic engagement, identity development, self awareness and community building.