Student Government and Clubs

All students are encouraged to contribute to enriching life at Guttman Community College. Student government is important for the College to remain a thriving community. Your participation in the student government fosters democratic traditions and prepares you to be an involved citizen.

The Student Government Association advocates for your interests to the administration, faculty, staff and other members of the College. It also disburses student activity fees, coordinates extracurricular activities, and charters student clubs and other organizations. The Student Government Association (SGA-Guttman) of Guttman Community College includes four student officers and four senators elected by their peers. One faculty member and two staff members from the Instructional Teams will serve as advisors to the initial SGA-Guttman senate.


If you are interested in co-curricular activities, you can create a club with support from the Student Government Association. The Assistant Dean of Student Engagement and Success, Student Success Advocates and Peer Mentors are additional resources for student activities. Events are posted on the student portal page.

Intramural Sports

There are opportunities to participate in a variety of intramural sports through the CUNY Athletic Conference. The college has participated in table tennis, basketball, soccer and running events. The Office of Student Engagement and Success will provide a schedule and list of upcoming competitions.

Civic Scholars

If you want to play an active role supporting the College and city communities through service, you can become a civic scholar. As an important component of the Leadership Academy, you will have the opportunity to engage in out-of-class community service to make a real difference in the lives of fellow New Yorkers. The College will meet community needs by partnering with non-profit organizations and city institutions. You can contribute to improving life in New York City while learning about civic issues.

The Guttman experiential learning experiences will differ from typical “volunteer” or community service opportunities at other institutions. You will address critical issues facing New York City and issues relevant to your life. Being a civic scholar, you will learn and be able to contribute. Additional Civic Scholars opportunities will be coordinated by the Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement and the Leadership Academy.


Guttman Community College Peer Mentors are full-time students who have completed at least one year at a CUNY community or senior college and maintain a minimum 2.75 cumulative grade point average. Peer Mentors work between 12-15 hours per week and participate in ongoing leadership development activities throughout the academic year.

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