Fees & Payment

All transcripts are $7.00 each. Payment must be received prior to processing the request. Acceptable methods of payment include:

  • By Mail: Sign and mail transcript request form(s) with a check or money order payable to Guttman Community College. Student’s full name and empl ID must be written on the check or money order.
  • In Person at the Bursar’s Office: Check or money order payable to Guttman Community College.

Types of Transcripts

There are two types of transcripts that can be ordered.

  • Official Transcripts: These are mailed directly to the College, University, employer, Scholarship Office, etc.
  • Third Party/Officially Sealed Transcripts: These are picked up in person by the student or mailed to the student, who then delivers it to the designated party. Officially Sealed Transcripts are stamped “Issued to Student” and should NOT be open by the student otherwise the transcript becomes VOID.

Methods of Requesting a Transcript

Transcripts will not be issued to students with an outstanding financial obligation to Guttman Community College. Please note that we cannot email or fax transcripts to students or institutions. Please plan ahead and submit your request at least three weeks before your deadline to leave time for processing and mailing.

Mailing Address:
Guttman Community College
Office of the Registrar
Room 307A
50 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

  • In person: Download the Official Transcript Request form or the Third Party/Officially Sealed Transcript Request form. Complete the form electronically, print, and sign the request form. Bring the completed form and payment to the Hub, located on the third floor during business hours. Students can also visit the Hub to obtain the request form.