Guttman Celebrates Opening of New Science Labs



January 21, 2014 | Academics, Events

On January 16, 2013, Guttman students, faculty and staff attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the College’s two new science labs focused on the physical and life sciences. The new labs were designed to meet the needs of students and to best fit the courses offered in the College’s core curriculum. , The labs will integrate mobile science labs with smart board technology, contain dissection tables and offer an unlimited range of instructional technology options such as 3-D modeling.image3

“We are a small, community college, but our labs, upon their full completion, will rival any of the labs at the local four-year schools,” noted Karla Smith Fuller, Assistant Professor of Biology at Guttman. “They will provide a top-notch environment for our students to learn.”

image 2

(L-R) William Tucker: Intern Architect, Facilities Planning Construction and Management, CUNY, Stephen Ely: Architect, David Salmon: Assistant Director, Facilities Planning Construction and Management, CUNY, Robert Lemieus: Executive Director of Dept. of Design and Construction, Alfajo Jallow, Guttman SGA President, CUNY, Scott E. Evenbeck, President, Chulsung Kim, Science Professor, Karla Smith Fuller, Assistant Biology Professor, and Derek Tesser, Mathematics and Science Instructor.

The Physical Science lab, designed largely by former founding faculty member Philippe Mercier, contains a large table format, which is not common in a typical undergraduate lab classroom. This layout will provide students with the flexibility to work on both group and solo projects. Additionally, this new lab contains hoods around the classroom to assist in problems involving some of the more caustic chemicals at once.

The Life Science lab, designed by Guttman Assistant Professor Karla Smith Fuller, will allow students to sit at their stations and maintain a view of the demonstration table and smart board/whiteboards at the front of the room. The venting dissecting stations will provide sanitary work-spaces for students while maintaining a clean and comfortable breathing environment.

The labs, located on the seventh floor, took a total of two years to plan and construct and were completed in December 2013. Their state-of-the art design and beneficial features will enhance learning as students explore the world of science.

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