City Seminar Guest Speaker Discusses New Housing Initiative for Recent College Graduates



December 2, 2014 | Academics

DSC07394 (2)On November 21, Chris Bledsoe, a real estate developer and founding partner of Stage 3 Properties, spoke to all three City Seminar I House Four cohorts. His firm is creating a housing solution for recent college graduates by providing more affordable housing options for younger first-time urban renters as based on income. These new developments will include studios and two and three-bedroom micro-suites with a variety of amenities and services to meet the needs of young urban professionals, but at rates approximately one-third less than comparable nearby ultra-luxury buildings.

Assistant Professor Paul Naish invited Chris Bledsoe to speak to the House Four City Seminar I students as they are investigating housing in New York City this semester. Their final project involves designing an imaginary utopian housing development for millennials in New York City by considering a variety of factors including affordability, health, price, and convenience. His presentation gave students a helpful perspective on what to consider when planning new housing in the city.