Guttman Staff Member Receives CUNY IT Service Award



December 23, 2015 | Awards, Technology

(L to R) Guttman CIO John Stroud, Tom Hiotakis, and President Scott E. Evenback.

(L to R) Guttman CIO John Stroud, Thomas Hiotakis, and President Scott E. Evenbeck.

Thomas Hiotakis, an IT Assistant at Guttman Community College, was awarded the CUNY Excellence in Service Award at the 14th annual CUNY IT Conference held December 3 and 4, 2015.

“Tom is a great asset to the department. He is reliable, conscientious, knowledgeable, and works very well with our student, staff and faculty customer base on campus as well as with his peers within the department. He has always taken on any task assigned to him with pride, and I can always trust that the task will get done. Nearly the entire campus knows Tom by name and most ask for him directly when contacting the Helpdesk,” commented John Stroud, Guttman’s CIO.