Global Guttman Groups Take Off for Alaska and Nicaragua During Spring Break



April 21, 2016 | Academics, Study Abroad

On April 21, two groups from the Global Guttman Program take off for Alaska and Nicaragua for spring break.  Global Guttman offers opportunities for Guttman students to travel abroad and to engage in innovative ways to “globalize” the campus. This effort encompasses much of the Global CUNY initiative launched by Chancellor Milliken in 2014. In its first year, Global Guttman ran a non-credit bearing, 10-day leadership program in Berlin, Germany, for 10 continuing students and a 12-day, 3-credit LASC Independent Study course in Ecuador for five first-year students. This year, the program has five trips planned, including Alaska and Nicaragua.

Professor Lori Ungemah’s Liberal Arts & Sciences Capstone course, Youth Culture: An Exploration of Young Adult Literature & Ethnographic Research in NYC and Anchorage, Alaska, explores the contemporary topic of youth culture through historical, sociological, anthropological, and literary frameworks. Students will be introduced to youth culture through the historical development of the idea of youth/teenagers in America.  Prior to their departure, students conducted ethnographic data collection in order to compare their findings in New York City to a second set of data they will collect in Alaska. Students will then analyze the two sets of data and draw conclusions based on their research topics.

Guttman’s Black Male Initiative/United Men of Color Program has partnered with Project Bona Fide in Ometepe, Nicaragua, to provide 17 Guttman students with a 9-day service-learning experience. Led by Associate Professor Marcus Allen, Andrew Bennett, Assistant Director of Mentoring and Student Success and Danny Cordova, Senior Admissions Advisor, students will work on Project Bona Fide’s 26-acre farm while also learning about food sovereignty and eco-sustainable practices and design principles.

While away, students will keep us up to date with their journey and exploration through daily blogs posted on e-portfolio. In June, there will be common hour and evening showcase to share their experiences and findings.

Follow the students’ journey on Guttman’s Instagram and SnapChat (Gcc_life).