Guttman Faculty Receive CUNY Grants



April 27, 2016 | Academics, Fellowships, Grants

Five Guttman faculty members have been awarded PSC-CUNY grants totaling $16,446 for the 2016-2017 academic year:

  • Mary Gatta, Associate Professor of sociology, and Molly Makris, Assistant Professor of urban studies, for their project Gentrification and Jobs on the Jersey Shore: A Case Study of Asbury Park, NJ, and its Residents on ‘The Other Side of the Tracks.’
  • Andrea Morrell, Assistant Professor of anthropology, for her project Prison Town: Race, Work and the Making of Carceral State in Elmira, NY.
  • Jinzhong Niu, Assistant Professor of information technology, for his project Tools and Techniques for Network Market Analysis and Design Tools and Techniques for Network Market Analysis and Design.
  • Jared Warner, Assistant Professor of mathematics, for his project The Prime Ideal Spectrum of the P-Modular Cohomology Algebra of the General Linear Group Over a Finite Field.

Additionally, Chet Jordan, Instructor of English, has been awarded an Early Research Initiative Pre-Dissertation Fellowship from the CUNY Graduate Center. Chet is among the initial eight recipients of this new fellowship program. The $5,000 award will support his research activities this summer.