Incoming Students Begin the 2016 Summer Bridge Program



August 23, 2016 | Academics

On August 22, approximately 431 new students began the required 10-day 2016 Summer Bridge SB16_Day1Program at Guttman Community College. The program, ending September 2, prepares incoming students for their transition to their first year at Guttman. During Summer Bridge, students learn what is expected of them academically and explore their strengths and challenges as learners. They work with faculty, staff, and Peer Mentors to develop strategies for success and gain practice completing assignments similar to those that will be required during the first-year program.

Summer Bridge is also a time of self-discovery. Students develop relationships with faculty and staff as well as engage in co-curricular activities with their new classmates. Part of the Summer Bridge curriculum includes:

  • an introduction to college reading, writing, and mathematics
  • creation of their ePortfolio, an online portfolio where students will publish their work while their time at Guttman
  • field experiences that explore New York City as an extended classroom, including visits to different neighborhoods throughout the city.

This year’s Summer Bridge Program is focused on the concept of Sb16_House3“The American Dream.” In their Critical Issues course, students will be visiting Times Square and snapping photos that represent (or not) the American Dream. They will “take over” Guttman’s Bridge Program Instagram account for the day to post their photos.

Follow the program on Instagram (@guttmanbridgeprogram) and search the hashtag #guttmanbridge16 to view examples of the American Dream according to our incoming students.