College Holds First Peer-to-Peer Conference for Students



February 14, 2018 | Peer Mentoring, Student Engagement, Student Event

Ramon Mendez giving the keynote address.

Ramon Mendez, Class of 2015 and a former Peer Mentor, giving the keynote address at the first annual Peer-to-Peer conference.

Guttman’s first annual Peer-to-Peer Leadership Conference was held February 14. The conference focused on developing students’ leadership abilities and related skills. Attendees also learned more about what being a Peer Mentor entails, and how the skills and experience gained from this work can enhance their professional development.

The conference opened with greetings from Daniel Ambrose, Director of Peer Mentoring, and from President Scott E. Evenbeck. Ramon Mendez, Guttman Class of 2015, gave the keynote address. A former Peer Mentor and graduate of City College, he discussed the value of serving as a mentor to fellow students and how being a leader requires working with others.

Attendees participated in four sessions: leadership, communication, building relationships, and goal setting. Daniel Ambrose and Andrew Bennett, Assistant Director of Mentoring and Student Success, organized the conference. The Peer Mentors developed the four break-out sessions and served as facilitators and educators.