College Hosts “Hackathon” Workshop



March 23, 2018 | Academics, Campus Events, Experiential Learning, Technology

#AnthroHack Guttman 2018 faculty and student team winners.

(L to R): Adjunct IT Professor Raul Nedd; Andrea Lausevic; Professsor Kristina Baines; Eddy Vittini; Jacqueline Li; and Ronny Forbes

The College hosted an innovative workshop on March 17– #AnthoHack Guttman 2018. The goal of this “hackathon” event was to make an anthropology research tool called a “pile sort” as a WordPress plugin to be used as a digital, open educational and research tool. Although this tool has its origins in cognitive anthropological research, it will be used in Cool Anthropology’s interactive web documentary, Shifting Stereotypes, and made internationally available to social researchers and educators in the CUNY and WordPress repositories.

The event fostered collaboration between the social and computer sciences in a setting conducive to working out solutions to problems. A group of Guttman’s Programming II students were joined by participants from institutions such as Lehman, York, Medgar Evers, Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Columbia University. The students formed teams to develop the plugin.

#AnthroHack was organized by Kristina Baines, Guttman Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Victoria Costa, Project Manager for community partner Cool Anthropology.; Major League Hacking also served as a community partner. Raul Nedd, Guttman Adjunct IT Professor, served as a judge and mentor to the students. The workshop was funded by the Guttman Innovation Grant (GIG) program. Guttman IT student Ronny Forbes and Eddy Vittini, Guttman Class of 2016 and current Lehman student, were members of the winning team. All participants received T-shirts and swag items.