Guttman’s First Pulitzer Fellow Writes about China Travel Experience



May 21, 2018 | Global Guttman

Argentina Vanderhorst

Argentina Vanderhorst at the Great Wall of China.

Argentina Maria Vanderhorst, an Urban Studies major who traveled to China with the Global Guttman program in April 2018, is Guttman’s first Pulitzer Fellow. She wrote an insightful article about why Chinese women now delay starting a family that the Pulitzer Center published on May 15.

Last year the College began a partnership with the Pulitzer Center’s Campus Consortium for Education and Hunter’s Department of Journalism. During the Spring 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters, visiting journalists led writing workshops at Guttman. Students also visited the Roosevelt House at Hunter College for a panel of journalists reporting on their work in the field.

This year the College hosted a panel of journalists and further developed its partnership with the Pulitzer Center for Education to include its first Pulitzer Fellow. An exciting initiative run by the Pulitzer Consortium is the Student Reporting Fellows program. This initiative offers fellowships to students at participating Campus Consortium colleges who are selected to pursue international reporting projects.

The Pulitzer Fellow application process was aligned with Global Guttman’s. For its first year supporting a Fellow, the College wanted to send a student who was also participating in a Global Guttman program. Argentina Vanderhorst was selected as Guttman’s first Fellow. She traveled to China with the Global Guttman program while taking the “Issues in Global Learning” course with Professor Katie Wilson. She prepared her article with support from Professor Wilson, a Pulitzer journalist mentor, and Kem Sawyer, Director of Pulitzer’s Campus Consortium Fellows Program.