Career Exploration Challenge to Assist Students with Major Selection and Career Exploration



January 25, 2019 | Campus Events, Career Development, Experiential Learning

The Office of Partnerships and Community Engagement (OPCE) and the Advising team are hosting a Career Exploration Challenge (CEC). This collaborative program will assist students with major selection and career exploration. Students will participate in a series of workshops, lunches with a professional, and site visit tours. The workshops will allow students to explore different resources as part of their career exploration process.

The Career Exploration Challenge program goals include:

  • Assisting students with declaring their Guttman major and identifying senior college majors of interest
  • Teaching students how to use various resources to help them explore different career paths and major options.
  • Sharing useful tools and resources to help student explore careers and majors of interest

All events and workshops are associated with points. If students write reflections, they will earn additional points. The student who attends the most events and writes the most reflections will be the winner. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 22nd.  The winner will receive a swag bag, lunch with the deans (Niesha and Charles) and an informational interview set up by OPCE with a professional in an industry of their choice!

The Career Exploration Challenge kick-off event was held on January 23rd. The kick-off included a guest appearance by Lisa Boily from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, who gave a thoughtful presentation about labor and career trends. Future CEC events to include:

  • Lunch with a professional (Yanely Espinal, Director, Next Gen Personal Finance)- February 1st.
  • Site tour (We Work)- February 6th.
  • Lunch with a professional (Tiana Yom, Program Manager, New York City Department of Education)- February 8th.
  • Closing workshop (Special guest Randy Moore, COOP Careers)- February 20th.

The CEC program is organized by Patricia Jean, Senior Career Advisor; Soulyka Agana-Woodbine, Career Strategist; and Uriah Brown, Student Success Advocate.

Students at the Career Exploration Challenge kick-off event
Students at the Career Exploration Challenge kick-off event