Guttman Student Reflects on Benefits of EOW Course in Establishing Career Path

April 16, 2019 | Academics, Experiential Learning


Madeline Ramirez and Guttman staff and faculty at the ELO presentation

Madeline Ramirez (far left) with Associate Dean Niesha Ziemhke, Professor Mary Gatta, Academic Internship Specialist Tiffany Bailey-Gilles, and Peer Mentor Alexa Henry at the ELO Symposium on April 10.

During the Experiential Learning Symposium held at Guttman Community College on April 10, first-year student Madeline Ramirez participated in the “Putting Vocation into the Academic Curriculum” presentation with Mary Gatta, Associate Professor; Niesha Ziemhke, Associate Dean of Programs and Planning; and Tiffany Bailey-Gilles, Academic Internship Specialist. Their discussion examined Ethnographies of Work, Guttman’s signature first-year course where students explore careers of interest as social scientists and engage in a co-curricular component around career development activities.

Madeline shared her experiences as a student Madeline Ramirez her experiences as a student in the Ethnographies of Work course, including her site visits to the New York City Bar Association to observe professional life at this organization. She also recounted her excitement in applying and being accepted to the New York Bar Association’s Launching Your Career Seminar workshop series. She is the only freshman in the workshop from a community college. Madeline has gained beneficial career and personal direction from the Ethnographies of Work course. She looks forward to continuing her education at a senior college in political science before attending law school to pursue a legal career.