Global Guttman Students Recount Shanghai Journey



June 11, 2019 | Experiential Learning, Global Guttman

Global Guttman China 2019 participants.
Global Guttman China 2019 participants.
Global Guttman China 2019 participants.

On June 4, the 12 students who traveled to Shanghai April 16-28 as part of the Global Guttman China trip recounted their activities and observations during the Journey to the East panel presentation and discussion.

Participating students were enrolled in the Contemporary Economic Issues course with Professor Sebastien Buttet or in the Issues in Global Learning course with Professor Angelina Tallaj. During their time in Shanghai, the students compared and evaluated the ways people, enterprises, and government agencies in Shanghai tackle problems in economic growth and urban development. Additionally, they explored the influence of politics, art, class, ethnicity, and gender on the processes of cultural formation. Throughout the spring semester, the students constructed their own research questions related to a topic of interest around a cultural issue of significance in 21st century China. As part of their time in Shanghai, they conducted fieldwork to answer their research questions.

During the presentation, each student discussed one day of the trip. The activities ranged from pre-departure Mandarin instruction and visits to New York’s Chinatown and the Met’s Chinese art collection to a busy itinerary once they were in Shanghai. Among the memorable activities: attending Chinese opera, drumming, and acrobatics performances, visiting the water village of Zhujialio, and participating in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony.  All students agreed the food in Shanghai was spicy.

By merging academic credit-bearing coursework with experiential learning, the Global Guttman trip to China ensured students grow as learners, professionals and human beings. Through immersion in a new culture, they can now better understand their own paradigms while working towards adopting new perspectives.

Global Guttman China 2019 student participants:
Jacqueline Aguilar
Scarlett Alejo
Samantha Benavides
Edgar Cecilio
Liza Desmaret
Kaitlyn Fernandez
Parker Giovan
Lesly Jimenez
Génesis Peralta
Darious Serrano
Marcell Weeks
Debra Williams

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