Professor Publishes Research on Practicing Mindfulness to Combat Math Anxiety in the Classroom



October 4, 2019 | Academics, Faculty, Grants, Publication, Research

Tashana Samuel
Professor Tashana Samuel

Assistant Professor of Psychology Tashana Samuel has published an article titled, “I Can Math!”: Reducing Math Anxiety and Increasing Math Self-Efficacy using a Mindfulness and Growth Mindset-Based Intervention in First-Year Students” in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice. Professor Samuel’s research investigated the effect of embedding a combined mindfulness and growth mindset intervention within a required first-year, two-semester developmental statistics course. Results from the study indicate that this new approach not only reduced math anxiety, but had also increased math self-efficacy in a sample of college students.

Professor Samue,l together with colleagues Assistant Professor of Mathematics Jared Warner and Associate Professor of Bsuiness Sebastien Buttet, won the $15,000 Collaborative Pedagogical Research Grant for this academic year to fund the second phase of this research involving STEM faculty. The new study aims to replicate the original results on a larger scale.