Professor’s Conference Presentations Focus on Real-World Math Applications



October 12, 2019 | Academics, Conference Presentation, Faculty, Liberal Arts and Sciences, STEM

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Marla A. Sole delivered two presentations, “Statistical Education Discovery Projects: Engage Students with Real-World Investigations” and “Beyond the Classroom: Teaching Financial Literacy,” at the 2019 National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Conference in Boston.

Dr. Sole’s first presentation explained how faculty can ignite students’ interest in statistics by giving them the opportunity to perform real-world statistical investigations. The conference presentation was created for educators who wish to have students model the way statisticians actually work in the real world.  Dr. Sole’s presentation built on her previous publication on statistics discovery projects.  It shared the importance of making predictions, collecting messy data, and using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis to perform an investigation as well as strategies to support collaborative learning.  Guttman’s unique model helps develop this rich and important set of skills by placing all first-year students in statistics courses.

Professor Sole’s second presentation focused on using mathematics as a tool to examine meaningful real-world financial problems. Financial literacy is an issue of equity and Dr. Sole’s commitment to social justice was highlighted in her discussion on how teachers can engage and motivate students by giving them the opportunity to explore large financial questions in-depth from multiple perspectives.  The audience debated whether the minimum wage should be raised, using numbers to support their arguments.  This work built on Dr. Sole’s recent publication stemming from previous research on financial literacy and aligns with CUNY’s commitment to social justice.