Office of Student Conduct- Highlights From Civility Campaign 2019



November 7, 2019 | Campus Events, Events

Students gathered at a table, wearing tshits that say "when bullying becomes norm, resistance becomes duty."“The discipline of students in the educational community is, in all but the case of irrevocable expulsion, a part of the teaching process. “ -The General Order on Judicial Standards of Procedure and Substance 

The Office of Student Conduct completed its annual Civility Campaign on October 31, 2019, with a total of 75 participants. The campaign theme, Conflict Resolution, focused on strategies participants could use to diffuse conflict. There were several activities that facilitated engagement, including a conflict resolution wheel, a social media campaign designed to bring awareness about strategies, and workshops on how to resolve conflict at school and work.

Participants were introduced to the STABEN approach of resolving conflict, and from feedback received, many students liked it but didn’t believe it was a realistic approach to use in all cases when there is disagreement. In another activity, participants were asked to complete a Conflict Management Styles Assessment in order to find their most preferred conflict management style: accommodating, collaborating, avoiding, competing, avoiding, or compromising. The assessment indicated that most participants preferred collaborating, while the fewest numbers preferred avoiding and compromising.

Student holding board with proposed conflict resolutionThe Annual Civility Campaign is a signature program in the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, committed to continuing its work promoting civil discourse by providing trainings and programs for students, staff, and faculty. The programming reflects the Guttman community’s commitment to nurturing a culture of respect, shared responsibility and civility.

Special thanks to the Women’s Resource Center (Sylvester Allen and Dominick Hull), and Center for Career Preparation and Partnership (Tiffany Bailey-Giles) for their planning and collaboration. For more information about Civility Campaign events, please contact Carolee Ramsay at