Dr. Gracer Yung Publishes Investment Planning Book



July 9, 2020 | Academics, Faculty, Publication, STEM

Gracer Yung

Dr. Gracer Yung

This past April, Dr. Gracer Yung independently published her second book, Understanding Investment Plan. Shedding light on the often daunting process of navigating personal finances, Dr. Yung explains: “Investment plans can help investors to match their financial goals and objectives. They are also one of the tools to set money aside for retirement, emergency funds, and other financial needs.” Beyond helping enable financial stability as investors face a global pandemic or near retirement age, Dr. Yung further clarifies that, “in order to make an investment plan, it is important to figure out which choices are the most affordable based on your financial situation. You have to ask yourself the purpose of investment and define the timeline and risk you are willing to take to determine your investment or diversify your investment plan based on your goals.”

Gracer Yung, Ed.D, CAP, earned a doctoral degree in Executive Leadership and Technology, an M.B.A. in International Banking and Financing, and a Bachelor in Accounting. She has over 12 years of Accounting and Finance teaching experience. In addition, her career as an accountant reflects 8 years of experience in managing accounting transactions, developing accounting systems, forecasting and projecting company budgets, auditing, and compliance. Dr. Yung has published two books: Accounting and Finance Workbook and Understanding Investment Plan. Her passion for teaching is not only to motivate students to learn but also to help students achieve academic and career goals.