Message from VP Pryor and President Cintrón on the Breonna Taylor Verdict



September 24, 2020 | President's Office, Student Engagement

Dear Students,

During these turbulent times, we want to remind you that we are here to support you. The news of the lack of an indictment for those responsible for the murder of Breonna Taylor hits hard and we know it can feel heavy. Remember, the Guttman community is here and ‘We Got Your Back.’

As further evidence of the College’s commitment to supporting you, I write today to share a message of support and solidarity from our President, Dr. Doris Cintrón:


Students and Alums,

Hearing the news out of Kentucky last night makes me sad and reflective. It reminds me that we have work to do as a nation to create change! As you allow yourself time to reflect and process your feelings, please know that staying engaged makes a difference. Voting is one part of that engagement, completing the census and holding our elected official responsible are other ways to support change. As President Obama stated in the video below, “the belief that America is not yet finished” signifies that this nation has to grow and the systems within need to evolve to protect people of color and confirm that as a nation Black Lives Matter. The speech by President Obama in the video below captures many of my thoughts during this time; we must keep fighting the good fight.

Yours in solidarity and support,

Doris Cintrón
Interim President


Charles H. Pryor, II
Interim Vice President for Student Engagement