Guttman Community College – Spring ’21 Classes Online



October 21, 2020 | Academics, Student Government

Dear Guttman Students,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are making excellent progress during your fall semester.

I write to announce that for the Spring semester (March 6-August 9), all courses at Guttman Community College will continue to be conducted via distance education format. This means that all courses will be asynchronous and take place online. The College made this decision to ensure the wellbeing of our campus community.

Asynchronous class meetings do not require you to log in to your virtual classroom at a specified day/time. You can complete your coursework at times that are convenient for you as long as you meet all assigned deadlines.

Ways to fully engage with my Spring 2021 courses:

  • Submit course assignments by the specified deadlines – log in on day one and stay on track!
  • Participate in course discussion boards (on Blackboard) when available
  • Initiate contact with an instructor to ask a class-related question (via email or Starfish)
  • Attend optional live instructor-led support sessions when available

Spring 2021 Student Success Tips:

  1. Log into Blackboard each day and dedicate time to studying and completing all course work.
  2. Email your instructors if you have any questions about coursework or a particular assignment. You can locate your faculty contact information on the course syllabus in Blackboard and on Starfish.
  3. Review the Academic Calendar for important deadlines and schedule reminders.
  4. Utilize our many online student services for academic and other support.
  5. Stay connected to the Guttman community by attending workshops & programs available on the Guttman Events Webpage
  6. Stay informed by following us on Instagram @GuttmanCC and checking out Guttman YouTube.

The city and state are closely monitoring the COVID 19 pandemic. At this time it is unclear when we will return to in-person instruction. We applaud your dedication to your academic goals and we want to ensure your continued success as you continue your Guttman journey.

Again, let us know if you have any questions, remember we are here to support you and ‘We Got your Back!’


Charles H. Pryor, II
Interim Vice President of Student Engagement
Guttman Community College