Message from President Cintrón



November 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

Dear Guttman Students:

Tomorrow is Election Day, and many of you will be voting (or have voted already) for the first time in your lives for a presidential candidate.  Let me congratulate you on that!  I respect you for voting—no matter which candidate received your vote.  This election season has been very divisive and frustrating for so many, and the next few days have the potential to be even more chaotic.

In all likelihood, there will be days of delay before we know who the winner of the presidential race is.  There is uncertainty this year because many more people have voted by mail, and many of these ballots will not be tallied on Tuesday.  Additionally, the initial trends in states that have had early voting might not be sustained over time.  It is important for everyone to stay as calm as possible and respectful of the process.  Let us hope that if there are protests, they will be peaceful ones.

I want you to know that we will have forums for you to share your thoughts and concerns on the following days/times.  I hope you will participate in them.

AccessABILITY Services are hosting the following discussion spaces, which are open to all:

This discussion space will consist of streaming MSNBC and explaining what is happening.

Students will be given time to use this processing space to share their opinions of the post-election results.

The Wellness Office is hosting several election processing group events!  Sign up at for the following days:  Monday at 12; Tuesday at 3; Wednesday at 4.

The Wellness Office also has weekly walk-in hours and invites you to check in with them! If you need to talk, speak up and reach out.  Walk-in hours are on Mondays, 2-3; Wednesdays, 1-2; Fridays, 11-12.  Here’s an easy link:

Students, you will also be hearing directly from Vice President Pryor tomorrow.  He will be sending you a note and a video.  Keep looking at your Guttman email and social media.

We are living through a time of anxiety, uncertainty, and frustration.  American democracy needs you to be involved and to be positive agents of change.  If there is one thing you can absolutely be certain of, it is this:  Guttman’s faculty and staff stand fully behind you.  If we remain united and focused, we will get through this difficult time together.


Doris Cintrón

Interim President