President Cintrón’s Statement on the Chauvin Trial Verdict



April 21, 2021 | President's Office

To the Guttman Community:

Yesterday, by delivering guilty verdicts in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the US judicial system fulfilled its responsibility to George Floyd, his family, our national society, and the greater human family. This jury delivered a just outcome, but the difficult work is ahead, with each person called upon to accept responsibility—and bear witness—until everyone is treated with respect and dignity. To realize the promise that is the United States, thoughtful actions, not hollow, self-congratulatory words, are necessary. Today, the thoughts of Mr. Floyd and his family are held close by the Guttman Community, but we also remember the many others who have been denied inclusion, tolerance, justice, and respect. None are forgotten.


Doris Cintrón
President, Guttman Community College