SAGE Deadlines

SAGE Deadlines

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Complete Mid-Year Review for Current Year 2020-2021: March 26, 2021

  • Make updates, as needed, to current year:
    • Practices
    • Alignments
      • For All Areas:  Add Divisional Alignments.
      • For areas doing direct assessment of student learning with GLOs: Add any applicable 2020 GLO Alignments.
      • See pp. 26-25 of User Guide for technical assistance about adding alignments.
    • Assessment Questions
    • Target Outcomes
    • Data Sources/ Assessment Methods
  • Enter mid-year evidence for the fall semester in the “actual outcomes” to monitor progress
    • There is also a space to add “internal notes (optional)” about your mid-year progress
  • Incorporate custom CCE feedback from fall 2020 (Applicable to: Accessibility, ASC, Academic Technology, Advising, Admissions, Business Admin Program*, CCPP*, Human Services Program*, Information Technology Program*, FYE, Governance).  *CCE feedback was provided directly to area heads, except for academic programs.  Feedback about academic programs was provided to the Assoc. Dean of Academic Programs and Planning per request.)  Note: Different areas will be selected each year for custom feedback.

Submit Budget Request Templates for Next Fiscal Year 2021-2022: April 2021

  • Coordinated by the Business Office. Template will be emailed by the Business Office to area budget planners.
  • Review SAGE goals and Emergent Themes Action Items prior to preparing Budget Request.
  • Review current and prior year expenditures; reflect on effectiveness of prior resource allocation.
  • Incorporate any strategies developed during this remote period that led to efficiencies that can be used on-campus.

Complete End of Year Review for Current Year 2020-2021: June 29, 2021

  • Actual Outcomes
  • Target Ratings
  • Reflections: Accomplishments, Challenges, Ideas for Improvements, Resource Needs
  • Overall Performance Ratings
  • Improved Practice for Next Year’s Profile

Complete SAGE Planning Items for Next Year 2021-2022: July 13, 2021

  • Practices
  • Alignment
  • Key questions
  • Targets
  • Data sources/ assessment methods

Note: When the current year SAGE Profile is completed correctly, most of SAGE Planning Items will automatically roll-over to next year.  You will always need to set new targets.