Support for Diversity

Compliance and Diversity Outreach Efforts

The Chief Diversity Officer with the help of the Provost conducts the following activities to promote management’s participation in the Affirmative Action programs:

  • The Provost, Dean of Academic Affairs, Chief Diversity Officer, and HR Director and Assistant Director of HR Operations meet each year to discuss forming search committees, strategies to avoid unintended bias, current trends, and academic trends.
  • Meet with Program Coordinators and Hiring Managers to discuss hiring issues such as diversifying applicant pools, addressing unintended bias, and meeting compliance requirements on a rolling basis (weekly)
  • Designs and implements programs/remedies to promote the attainment of placement goals on a monthly basis
  • Charge meetings cover topics including but not limited to: Equal Employment Opportunity regulations, CUNY search guidelines, importance of confidentiality, implicit bias and how to combat it, emerging trends in higher education and academic arena, the Hiring Manager discussed the needs and/or changes of the area, search time frame and overall scheduling, handling conflicts of interest, and search-related forms and documentation.
  • Review and approve plans to conduct searches to fill job vacancies

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Taskforce


●     Dean Charles H. Pryor, II (Chair of Committee)
●     Amallia Orman, Student Success Advocate (SSA)
●     Arlene Peterson, Chief Diversity Officer
●     Bindi Patel, Assoc. Dir., Mentoring & Student Academic Support
●     Cristina Ortiz-Harvey, Director of Financial Aid
●     Lavita McMath, Government & External Affairs Director
●     Stuart Cochran, Dean of Strategic Planning, Strategic Planning & Accreditation


●     Marcus Allen, Professor
●     Andrea Morrell, Asst Professor
●     Ryan Coughlan, Instructor
●     Keino Brown, Instructor