Office of Marketing and Communications


The Office of Marketing and Communications (Marcomm) manages the execution of marcomm strategy for Guttman.   Marcomm forwards its top priorities of the President and Board of Trustees to broad and diverse audiences, as well as connecting these precedents to larger national conversations. It also oversees the daily operation of the college, including marketing digital designs and social media accounts, guides the college’s media engagement, as well as providing Guttman’s faculty and staff with strategic marcomm counsel.

Important Notes

All requests require a minimum of 10 business days of advance notice to be considered. The office will notify you within 1-3 business days to confirm if your request has been approved and include communication on the logistics of moving the project forward, if applicable.

*If the request is urgent, please continue to notify us of your project/event and indicate the level of urgency. The Communications team will evaluate the urgent request and notify you if approved.

Here is how to create a marketing request form

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Social Media


Jeffrey Nelson

Design & Communications Coordinator

Jeffrey Nelson is the Design and communications coordinator for the office of communications. He has a bachelor’s degree in communications from the City college of technology. Jeffrey has over 12 year of experience in the field of design and Communications. While at Guttman, Jeffrey has created over + 5000 designs, and is responsible for many notable designs such as; the redesign of the original Guttman website, offices and student club logos, multiple event flyers (print & social media), stationeries, commencement book, admissions booklet, annual report book, merchandise, promotional ads, and various architectural designs that can be seen throughout the campus. However, Jeff takes the most pride in helping his teams success by being a team player by sharing his knowledge, collaborating, listening and being a problem solver. He also enjoys building strong relationships with the Community to better understand how he can contribute to making a better College atmosphere. He is still as excited as he was in 2016, let’s create more magic!

Melissa Chavez

Communications & Multimedia Coordinator

Melissa Chavez is a graduate of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY where she earned her B.A in Communications with a minor in Spanish and Arts Administration. Throughout her career, she has gained experience in both the for-profit and non-profit sector working in diverse areas of communications including multimedia, advertising, social media and event management & execution. Before arriving at Guttman, she previously worked at Harlem School of the Arts as a Marketing and Audience Engagement Coordinator where she helped develop, implement and manage marketing deliverables for various stakeholders of the organization. She is excited to be at Guttman and use digital storytelling to continue building Guttman’s brand and connecting with new audiences!


Isabela Buitrago

Social Media Coordinator

Isabela Buitrago is a senior Corporate Communications student at Baruch College, pursuing her Bachelor’s degree. As a member of Gen-Z she has grown up surrounded by Social Media and has been able to contribute to the growth of multiple businesses with their Social Media Platforms, which translated to an increase in revenue. Through the implementation of her strategies the businesses were able to expand, and open new locations. She is very excited to be working with all of you, especially as a CUNY student herself to create a more engaging community with our current students and even target prospective students.