Guttman Community College Supports DACA

December 21, 2017: President Scott E. Evenbeck has joined the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, an alliance dedicated to supporting—through policies and advocacy—immigrant, undocumented and international students in our campuses and communities.

September 5, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Like many of you, my heart sank this morning when I heard that the Trump administration plans to end the “Dreamers” [DACA program].  We will do all that we can to educate and support our Guttman dreamers, as we do all our students, but today let us remember how vulnerable they are at this sad historical moment.

Earlier today, Chancellor Milliken issued the following statement, with which I agree fully:

The president’s decision on DACA threatens to push hundreds of thousands of undocumented Americans to the shadows of our society, leaving them at risk of deportation from what is, in most instances, the only country they know and the one they love and contribute to every day.   Unless Congress acts to remedy this disaster, it will crush dreams and tear apart families.

We are fully committed to the thousands of CUNY DACA students and will do all we can to support them. They represent some of the most talented and creative voices in the CUNY community and our city. We will do everything we can to help persuade Congress to shore up support for the DACA community, not undermine it, and CUNY will provide counseling and guidance to help our DACA students with their needs and questions.

CUNY, with the backing of TheDream.US, has been the leader in providing private support to DACA students, and we will continue to provide the financial support they need to succeed in college.  CUNY Citizenship Now! provides the nation’s most extensive university-based legal support program for immigrants and its experts are ready to advise our DACA students.

The welcome we offer to these students – and the contributions they make in return as neighbors, co-workers and proud Americans – represent the best of our country’s values and traditions and should be supported.


I will report back on our plans here at Guttman.

Scott E. Evenbeck