Academic Programs

students wearing programs of study tshirts

Guttman Community College is the educational launching pad for the next generation of scholars, researchers, practitioners and professionals. For some, the journey begins with our Pre-College Programs. Upon enrollment at Guttman, all students take part in the Bridge program, where they are introduced to the expectations and dynamics of the College and immersed in the learning communities of faculty, advisors and peers and in which they remain for their entire first year. The First-Year Experience (FYE) is a set of required courses that presents a variety of disciplines and educational experiences, instills and hones skills, and builds student confidence as learners.

During the spring semester of the FYE, students select a program of study in Business Administration, Human Services, Information Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Urban Studies or Health Information Technology. The programs of study further students’ body of knowledge and development as scholars, in addition to offering applied experiences or internships and connections to experts and professional institutions in relevant fields.

Each Program of Study provides well-defined pathways to an associate degree and ensures an appropriate balance of academic and professional preparation. Upon completing their chosen Program of Study, our graduates may pursue professional opportunities or transfer to a baccalaureate program at another institution of higher learning. For those interested in continuing their education, Guttman has partnerships with colleges and programs to ensure a smooth transition upon transfer.