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The Bridge Program will be held February 21 – 27, 2023


Every student who participates in Bridge receives a transportation stipend, money to offset the cost of commuting to campus. This stipend is provided during the two in-person days of the program. Students who complete Bridge also have the opportunity to earn a Bridge Program Completion Award. The purpose of this stipend is to offset the cost of college attendance and fund purchases that promote academic success. In order to earn a Bridge Program Completion Award, students must do the following:

  • Attend the two in-person Bridge days
  • Complete at least 4 Bridge assignments:
    • “City Limits” Discussion Post (required)
    • “I Am” Poem (required)
    • Two additional assignments of students’ choice
  • Enroll at Guttman in the semester following Bridge
  • Attend and actively engage in courses during the first semester*

If students withdraw or are withdrawn from courses during the first semester, they are no longer eligible for the Bridge Program Completion Award.

All stipends are disbursed through CUNYfirst. Students who set up direct deposit will receive their stipends as soon as they are processed. If direct deposit has not been established, a check will be mailed to the mailing address listed in CUNYfirst.

Summer Bridge Participants: Stipends are dispersed during the month of November

Winter Bridge Participants: Stipends are dispersed during the month of May

Instructions to set up direct deposit in CUNYfirst

Instructions to change a mailing address in CUNYfirst

 Program Coordinators

Allyson Bregman
Director of First-Year Experience and Curriculum

Victoria Romero

Director of Advising & Transfer Support