Arts in New York City

Arts in New York City is a required first year course for Guttman students. In this 6-week course, you will be exposed to visual and performing arts as well as public, private, and community-based arts institutions in NYC. You will:

  • Learn the vocabulary to describe several art forms
  • Explore a broad range of art forms through texts, images, and experiential components
  • Be introduced to ideas and theories about art
  • Develop artistic literacy skills by closely and carefully examining works of art and performance
  • Engage experientially with the arts in New York City by visiting museums and performing arts events

A major component of this course is that you will learn from the creative process of visiting artists and guest speakers and also study the lived experience of New York City artists. Each guest artist works with students for a week offering you different modes of learning and communication and a space where you will be able to creatively improvise.