Summer Bridge Program

Guttman Summer Bridge logo

Summer Bridge will be held remotely via Blackboard
from August 26 to September 4, 2020.

Whether students have just finished high school, earned their GED, or are returning to school after some time off, enrollment at Guttman Community College represents an exciting new beginning and a journey of self-discovery.

To prepare for success in their transition to college, all incoming participants are required to complete the Summer Bridge Program in order to take classes during the Fall semester.

During Summer Bridge, students explore their strengths and challenges as a learner, begin to set goals, and make plans for their future education and career. Participants are introduced to Guttman’s academic expectations while practicing the strategies and study skills needed to meet them.

Students in Summer Bridge take classes with the same group of people they will work with in the Fall, which is an opportunity to meet their classmates and begin the bonding process. In addition, students also meet and work with the faculty who will teach them in the Fall semester, as well as their advisors and members of the college’s diverse and dedicated professional staff. Overall, Summer Bridge is designed for students to experience our culture of mutual support and achievement as they join the Guttman community.

Guttman Summer Bridge Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of Summer Bridge, students will be able to:

  1. Begin to develop the academic and social skills needed for a successful transition to college.
  2. Explore how one’s social identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, gender) intersect with one’s identity as a college student and as a contributing member of the Guttman academic community.
  3. Apply critical thinking and research practices by reading/analyzing texts and identifying/using textual and quantitative data.
  4. Demonstrate ability to use the appropriate educational technologies to share work and to reflect on learning, personal strengths, and growth areas.

Key activities in achieving the learning outcomes include:

  • Identify goals for being a college student and soon-to-be professional
  • Setting personal expectations for academic success
  • Exploring one’s leadership styles
  • Develop integrated assignments using textual and quantitative data

Through the generous support of the Robin Hood Foundation, each Summer Bridge participant receives a stipend to be used for expenses related to the Fall semester. Additionally, because Bridge will be held remotely this year, support for access to technology is also available.